2017 Year-end Message from your President George Moss

2017 Year-end Message from your President George Moss

Another year has come to an end, and my 2nd term as President will end in March 2018, in accordance with our Bylaws.

Over the past year, additional achievements have been accomplished, some in continuation from the previous year. I attribute this success to the voluntary efforts and teamwork of your Board, their spouses, partners, family members and countless volunteers.

The following will provide you a brief overview of matters that the Board, the respective Chairs and Committees under took over the past year, in commemoration of the 150 years anniversary of Canada.

At the AGM in March 2017 certain amendments were made to the Bylaw of the Society, and ratified, among other Society matters

In the 2nd quarter Sergiu Stroia of Serpa Construction completed the renovations of the large equipment and machine storage building at the Museum. This building will now be known as the Museum Hall, which will show case family pioneer artifacts and other Heritage and Cultural items.

Also during this period, usual preliminary preparation for the Boian Museum Cultural Picnic and the Edmonton Heritage Festival was undertaken.

In the 3rd quarter, our Boian Museum Chair and Curator continued to oversee the Museum, locate artifacts, and make arrangements to engage people to show the museum during the summer months, among other matters.

The Romanian youth dance group that started last year continues to do well and is expanding with many eager students. In June, certain Board members looked after the Romanian Rugby team and promoted attendance to the Romanian rugby match held in Edmonton. On the yearly 3rd Sunday of July our Boian Museum Cultural Picnic was held. This event continues to grow with approx. 300 people in attendance. Cultural entertainment that was provided, included the Saddle Lake First Nations dance group, to commemorate and reflect on their assistance to the early pioneers 115 years ago. The official opening and blessing of the Museum Hall was also held at that time.

The Societies ongoing participation at the Edmonton Heritage festival was also a major success. This once a year event, gives the Society and the Balada dance group the opportunity to show case Romania, its Cultural Heritage and the Romanian community. This year, the youth dance group were given the opportunity to dance on stage, in their newly acquired authentic apparel, which were made and purchased in Romania. The food pavilion also received 2 recognitions from the Heritage Festival organization. As usual, left over non-perishable food items were donated to the Youth Emergency Shelter. They are forever grateful to our Society.

This event takes a tremendous amount of work in volunteer planning, operation and take down. My greatest admiration and appreciation goes out to the Chairperson, Directors, Associates, family members, friends and lastly our great volunteers. You all make the Romanian Community proud, as you showcase this Pavilion to the Public at large.

In the 4th quarter, ongoing efforts were being made to install a Security monitor system at the Museum, since certain artifact items were missing from previous years. Three submissions were received and after a lengthy evaluation of all, Telsco Securities was the only one suitable for our purpose.

On a negative note, the Societies Monument in front of the Romanian House in Edmonton had all the 100-year commemorative bronze plaques stolen. Since there has been no recovery, the intention now is to replace some of them with War Memorial plaques of those Canadian men and women of Romanian heritage from the Boian – Willingdon area, who served in the First and Second World War. At the Romanian House, we are still in the process of upgrading and reviewing former files in our second-floor office. Due to our limited space, we are attempting to get approval from Vista management to showcase Cultural Artifacts to a social room on the 4th or 5th floor.

The Board also made a decision to have a Director take over and monitor our Website on a voluntary basis, thus saving $70 -$75 per month. This will result in certain upgrading changes that will also be made. On October 11 we held the Loredana concert as a fund raiser, of which most of you attended. With extra time and effort being made by the Social Chair and her committee to bring in this famous level of cultural entertainment, we had anticipated a greater attendance from the Romanian Community. As a result, the Society may have to re-evaluate the cost for future cultural entertainment from Romania.

The weekly cultural dancing for the youth group is now at the CASA Services Centre location every Saturday. Appreciation goes to the Cultural Social Director, volunteers and parents. Hopefully some of the students will be our future Balada dancers.

In closing, to all our members and website viewers, I have attempted to provide you a review of the activities and achievements of the Society, in the past year, by the sincere and voluntary efforts of your Executive and Board of Directors.

As this year of 2017, which comes to the end of Canadas 150-year anniversary, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Board of Directors, Executive, Chairs of the various Committees, family members, Society members, friends and most of all our Volunteers, who make this Society what it is.

May your passion for the well being of your Romanian Heritage be every lasting.

Happy new Year to all
Un An Nou binecuvantat!

Your President
George Moss

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